Tuesday, March 22, 2016

CALL FOR PAPERSFinal Verdict: Traditional Versus Digital Divides in Librarianship

A Festschrift in Honour of
 Dr. Benedict Adekunle Oladele- University Librarian, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Librarianship is undergoing some transformation from traditional routines to digital innovations. Routines that were hitherto carried out manually are now being automated. The transformation from the past to the current is however not without history, issues, experiences and practices that need to be recorded for posterity because they are not adequately addressed in contemporary literature. It is therefore incumbent on library and information science practitioners both in the libraries and academia to address these issues.  
It is then the objective of practitioners of the University of Ibadan Library System to honour Dr. Benedict Adekunle Oladele who is preparing to complete his tenure in September 2016 as the University Librarian with a festschrift. The justification for this festschrift is linked to his immense contribution in transforming the premier academic library in Nigeria. In the light of this, the book will promote and encourage diligent service provision among librarians. Interested members of the profession are therefore invited to submit abstract of proposals on any of the sub-themes.

The book is aimed at the following:
ü  To document efforts that have been made in the past to bring libraries to what they currently are
ü  Providing a platform to give account of the advantages embedded in digital transformation in libraries
ü  To communicate problems and challenges recorded in transforming from traditional to digital libraries and
ü  To promote best practices in the digital age in libraries
Target Audience:
Practicing Librarians, Library and information science educators, Information Managers, Individuals in information-related disciplines, Students and other researchers
1. Library Management (Human Resource, Financing, General
    Administration etc)
2. Digitization and Institutional Repository
3. Automation and Cloud Computing
4. Security and Safety: Fittings, Infrastructure and pest control
5. Knowledge Management and Innovative services
6. Collection development in libraries
7. Ethical issues: Privacy, Information Access, Plagiarism etc.
8. Emerging Technology and Social Media
9. Evidenced Based Research
10. Library Architecture
Submission Guidelines:
Authors are invited to submit a proposal/abstract of not more than 300 words to kdlfestschrift@gmail.com on or before April 08th, 2016. Proposal should provide a bird’s eye view of the paper. Authors will be notified of the status of their proposal by April 22nd, 2016.  Full papers are expected to be submitted by June 06th, 2016. All submitted papers will be reviewed on a double-blind review basis.

Important Dates: 
April 08, 2016:                                  Proposal deadline
April 22, 2016:                                  Notification of Acceptance
June 6, 2016:                                    Full paper submission
June 07, 2016 – June 22, 2016:       Review process
July 07, 2016:                                   Editorial Decision
July 30, 2016:                                   Revised paper submission
Ola, Christopher Olumuyiwa, CLN.
Deputy University Librarian
Kenneth Dike Library,
University of Ibadan.
co.ola@ui.edu.ng  or oluoniola@gmail.com
Adegbore, Adebayo Muritala, CLN.
Cataloguing Librarian
Kenneth Dike Library,
University of Ibadan
Tel.: (+234) 8032154904

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