Monday, June 10, 2013

Dr.Brown to Nigerian Library and Information Professionals: Build on the Foundation Laid in the Library Schools

Dr. Malore Brown, Information Resource Officer, U.S. Embassy, Abuja
On Monday, June 10, Dr. Malore Brown, Information Resource Officer of the U.S. Embassy, Abuja, Nigeria gave an incisive lecture titled The Future of Libraries: Infinite Possibilities Worldwide at the 51st Annual General Meeting / National Conference of the Nigerian Library Association holding in Calabar, Cross River State. She stated that "libraries must be innovative and must change... what we learned in Library Schools remain the foundation and we must build on it" She stated this in the context of the current digital revolution.

Dr. Brown shared practicable ideas that any practicing Librarian could adopt immediately. She emphasised that inspite of the current challenges posed by new technology, there is still great future for Librarians. More and more content will be available including help from colleagues. However, she opined that individual Library professionals must empower themselves through information, build capacities and remain relevant in the lives of their patrons.

However, in order to make libraries more relevant, Librarians must create relevant local content, make users aware of such resources either through word of mouth or local media and be ready to satisfy their customers. According to her, one satisfied customer will speak well of such service to others. More importantly, she emphasized that community/institution heads need to know about the new services being introduced in the library. Invaluable libraries will always get support from such heads of the institution.

Dr. Brown took time to discuss the Importance of gaining access to eLibraryUSA ( This is a benefit of membership of the Information Resource Centers of the US Mission, Nigeria. eLibraryUSA is a unique collection of databases in various subjects such as Business, Environment, Literary Arts, Technology ...
To be a member of the IRCs, Nigerians above Secondary School should fill this online at

She concluded the session by asking the following salient questions: Do we still need libraries now or in the future? How are Librarians defining themselves? Why do Librarians still want to stay in the profession? How would Librarians motivate younger Librarians to be interested in the profession?

Any thoughts on these questions?

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