Friday, February 01, 2013

Re: Africa must use digital libraries

Why is this a must that Africa has to use digital libraries? The writer provided insight into it:

"Africa stands to gain the most from the open access movement. But factors such as the continent's regulatory environments, the changing role of librarians, weak commitment to institutionalising open access and problems of sustainability have made implementation slow and awareness limited."
"For librarians, making the transition to open access would require a new skill set, so there is a strong need for training and capacity building here too. Librarians would no longer focus on cataloguing but instead shift to creating and maintaining interoperable, web-scale metadata; advising scholars on the complexities of licensing; and communicating with other open access repositories."

"In brief, librarians need to move away from the traditional role of making collections available to their community and literacy enhancement, and into more data management and publishing roles. Several programmes such as the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publication and Electronic Information for Libraries have funded training for librarians in Africa, but much more training is still needed to institutionalise open access"


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