Sunday, February 03, 2013

Lesson from Dae es Salaam about Conventional Libraries

What role is convetional libraries playing in national life? Are these libraries still relevant today? Pleae read this article titled: Tanzania: Conventional Libraries Crucial Than Ever by Jaffar MJASIRI (Tanzania Daily News, Dar es Salaam)

"Librarians' key roles include arranging materials which consist of books, periodicals, research papers, newspapers and other publications in their respective catalogues according to subject. Frequent users of libraries include students, researchers, lawyers and journalists. However, with the ever growing access and use of the internet many people prefer to look for information from the numerous online sources."
"I therefore observed during my visit that conventional libraries are still very much used by the students, who have no access to internet. But some students still see the importance of reading printed copies of book for reliable information. "It is always easy to pull down extensive information on various issues from the internet but the problem is how to verify that information," says Rajab Muhammad, who is studying at one of the Islamic seminaries in Dar es Salaam."
Source:  Tanzania Daily News

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