Saturday, February 09, 2013

A Librarian Murdered in Cold Blood in Nigeria

Mr. Harry Taiyelolu Akinyosoye, a Chartered Librarian was cut down by unknown assailant early this year. The newspapers had different slants to the story that led to his death.

"When Harry Taiyelolu Akinyosoye lost his job as Librarian of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo in questionable circumstances, in the latter part of 2011, it was a bitter pill for him and his family to swallow. But a worse fate was their lot on 18 January 2013. At the break of dawn, his life was brutally snuffed out through a gruesome process, by assassins in the guise of robbers. 
At exactly 4.46 a.m. that day, his wife woke up at their home in Adebowale Estate, along Akure/Ondo road, to relieve herself. When she was through at the ensuite bathroom, she discovered the washbasin’s tap was not flowing. Akinyosoye, who was also awake and awaiting his turn to use the bathroom, was puzzled, since the water tank behind the house had been pumped full the previous day. 
After inspecting all the taps in the kitchen and bathrooms in each room in the bungalow, and confirming they were all turned off, he unlocked the door leading out to the compound to check if the tap from where his neighbours are allowed to fetch water was left running. But it was also off. 
The last point to check was the main tank behind the house, where Akinyosoye was surprised to discover that the flow of water into the house had been shut. After he turned it on, and called out to confirm from his wife if the taps inside were running, the killers, who had turned off the water flow and were lurking behind the house, struck. Four men, each wielding a gun and an axe, pounced on Akinyosoye. 
Akinyosoye’s shrill cries brought his wife and 15-year-old son rushing out, only to rush back inside after sighting the assailants pounding their patriarch on the floor near the tank. The wife’s move to reach for her mobile phone to make calls for help was aborted by two of the assailants, who grabbed her and her son, holding them hostage in her room. They demanded for N20 million, which they claimed Akinyosoye brought home from the bank the day before. When they were told that only N10,000 was in the house, they seized the money, two mobile phones, a bag of clothes, Akinyosoye’s laptop and a flatscreen television. 
While this was going on in the house, the other two assailants continued the onslaught on the former librarian outside. 
After robbing her, Mrs. Akinyosoye was ordered at gunpoint to strip naked, and drive them out of the house. Pleading for her life to be spared, the naked woman drove the men out of the estate, with her husband dumped in the boot of her Audi saloon car. After driving some metres on the Ondo/Akure road, she was ordered to turn into a bush path near the Nigerian Television Authority, Akure. Then Akinyosoye’s almost lifeless body was removed from the boot and carried deeper into the bush. By then it was almost daybreak. When Akinyosoye’s wife eventually managed to escape, she headed for a nearby church, Fruit of Faith Ministries, where she was given some clothes and escorted to the Fanibi police station, Akure. A party, including policemen, that came back to the crime scene discovered Akinyosoye’s battered body in the bush. He was dead." ("Murder of The Librarian" by Funsho Balogun, PM News, February 8, 2013)

Another account by Punch Newspaper titled Ex-poly chief librarian murdered in Akure:

"A former Chief Librarian of the Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State, Mr. Taiyelolu Akinyosoye, whose appointment was terminated in controversial circumstances sometime in 2011, was on Friday murdered at his Akure residence.
Four heavily-armed men were said to have entered the compound of Akinyosoye in Adebowale Estate, off Kilometre 4, Ondo Road, Akure around 4:30 am and killed him. 
The assailants were said to have packed his corpse into the booth of his wife’s car and ordered the woman to strip herself and drive them away to an unknown destination. 
The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mr. Wole Ogodo, confirmed the incident. 
Ogodo described it as a case of murder but gave the assurance that officers of the Criminal Investigation Department were already investigating the case.
Justina, the wife of the deceased, who works with the Ondo State House of Assembly Service Commission as a secretary, said the gunmen’s intention was to kill her husband. 
She said some church worshippers gave her clothes after the killers forced her out of the car and took her husband’s corpse to a nearby bush, off Ondo Road..."

Adieu  HIT Akinyosoye

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