Monday, October 03, 2011

90 Percent of People Don't Know How to Use CTRL+F

A  search anthropologist at Google Dan Russell talked  about the time he spends with random people studying how they search for stuff. One statistic blew my mind. 90 percent of people in their studies don't know how to use CTRL/Command + F to find a word in a document or web page! I probably use that trick 20 times per day and yet the vast majority of people don't use it at all.
Ctrl + F = Search

The easiest way to search for a word is by using the
 "Find" feature of your browser.  

Step 1

Hit the "Ctrl" key (lower left area of your keyboard) AND the letter "F" key at the same time (simultaneously) - A little pop-up window will appear.
CTRL     +     F   (Try it Now! )

Step 2
Enter the word you are looking for  ( in most cases you only need to enter the first 3 or 4 letters of the word)
Enter the word (most times you only need the first 4 letters)

Step 3

Click on the
 "Find Next" button once or twice: your computer will automatically locate and highlight the word you are looking for.   Each additional time you click on "Find Next"  you will be brought to the word again. 

Click Find Next again and again .

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