Friday, July 15, 2011

Governor Peter Obi to Librarians: Tell the Truth to your Political leaders

On Thursday, 14th July, 2011 the participants of the 49th Annual National Conference of Nigerian Library Association (NLA) were hosted to a dinner by the Executive Governor of Anambra State. Governor Obi charged the Librarians in the country to be truthful in their dealings with their political leaders in their respective States. Failure to do this will have consequence on the incoming generation.

The dinner was attended by over 700 participants. All were fed free of charge by the Governor. While the President of the NLA, Professor L.O. Aina while welcoming the Guest of Honour / Chief Host of the dinner, he spoke glowingly of the achievements of the Governor in the States and commended openly the Chairperson and members of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the Conference. He requested the pleasure of the Governor in serving as the Guest of Honour for the 50th Anniversary of the NLA in Ibadan.

The Governor of the State while speaking to the participants highlighted the need to tell the truth to our political leaders. He cited several examples ranging from his interaction with his staff and citizens of the State. He emphasized the need for citizens of this country to start telling their leaders what they are doing wrong. There are a lot of wastage in governance and so we should all work together to embrace prudence in our expenditures.

He cited this example as one of the numerous he used in driving home his point that night. He said that he visited the northern part of the State where most Governors have never visited. When he got there, the parents were busy praise-singing to him. He immediately turned to the three kids who told him the real problems on ground namely; no toilet, no roof and not teacher in their school. The Governor said that the kids told him exactly what he needed in order to develop the area while their parents were busy praising him. According to him, many people come to those in power simply for contracts, favours and nothing on development.

"Political leaders may not like what you say when you tell them the truth. They may be angry, but when they get back to their rooms, they will appreciate truth told to them rather than praises." The Governor emphasized. He said that that is the only thing that will help build the land. He gave the example of a lady who told him that his actions were not correct and was later chastised by the officer who felt she has insulted the Governor. When she got to know this later, she was named as one of the next Permanent Secretaries to be in charge of correcting his mistakes.

Awards were also given deserving members and chapter. Miss Helen Eke, an Assistant Librarian, University of Nigeria won two awards and one FNLA Awardee. Anambra State won for the second time the best State Chapter Award.

The night was full of fun and food. There was a light shower from heaven. At the end, it turned out to be a fulfilling time.

The Conference came to an end with prayers said for safe journeys for all participants. Till we meet in 2011 for another interesting National Conference.

Many thanks to the National Executive, LOC and reporting crew on this platform.

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