Thursday, July 14, 2011

Conference Participants Visited Ancient Ogbunike Cave

Participants going down into the Cave
On Thursday, July 19, 2011 the participants of the NLA national conference went on tour of some historical places in Anambra State. Some groups visited Government projects while others visited Ogbunike cave.

The cave, according to our Guide, is a place of refuge for the people of Ogbunike during war. The cave has also served as a place of worship for some indigenes. Pure drinkable water flows freely through the rock. The cave is so dark that we could not appreciate all the beautiful stories told to us by the Guide. To access the cave, one is expected to climb through a long and winding cemented steps. Before you descend into the cave, you are requested to remove your shoes.

Our team missed the way to the cave because there were no signposts from the main road. We asked the participants to give their impression about the tour. Many were able to show gratitude to God for such creation. While others had wished that authorities concerned sholuld have paid more attention to the renovation of this historic centre.

We saw the building put up by the State Government. In all, this is a great experience for us. Reporting live from the Cave.

The Cave

Participants on their way to the cave

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