Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Register To Vote; Your Vote Can Make A Difference

REGISTER to vote. It your civic responsibility

  • “An unregistered voter is an opportunity for a fake voter to find a place in the register.”

The coming elections are providing another opportunity for Nigerians to get it right. And it starts by every eligible Nigerian registering to vote. That will be the first major indication of our commitment to see that bad governance is brought to an end this year. When you have registered, it means that your voice can be heard on the election days through your vote.

We cannot effect the change we want in this country when people are aloof to their civic responsibility of registering to vote in elections. It is only those who registered that can vote and defend the sanctity of their votes from the thieving politicians. Let all hands be on deck to ensure that the voters registration exercise is a huge success.

As information practitioners, inform others...

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