Friday, December 31, 2010

Visioning Librarianship: From Economic Battlegrounds

Visioning Librarianship: From Economic Battlegrounds to Edutainment Battledecks by Jo Rolfe, MA, MLIS

It is more important than ever for library leaders, at every organizational level, to form, articulate, and communicate a powerful, positive, practical, and above all therapeutic vision for the future of librarianship. A vision is needed that will carry us out of the pervading real and psychological cloud of gloom.

What I do advocate is a gathering of the metaphoric clans; a sharing of institutional memory and resources through state, national and global networking opportunities; an increased reliance on cooperative webs of knowledge, communicated and debated via outlets like the Informed Librarian Online for which today I write. If we are to continue to battle for the glory of an informed democracy then librarians are ideally positioned for proactive, non-violent action, because we have access to the knowledge and tools with which to join forces across our ranks.

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