Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Subject: A great new language website!!

Just thought you might like to know about the web's most comprehensive and authoritative language portal with more than 1800 dictionaries in more than 230 languages! It has incredibly cool language tools, word games that help you discover the complexities and nuances of language, a rich assortment of crossword puzzles, translation tools, hundreds of specialty dictionaries (law, medicine, finance, sports, sciences, and more), articles by the world's leading linguistic authorities, its own Word of the Day (that can be e-mailed to you daily), plus language courses and grammars galore. It even has a "lookup button" that lets you search their dictionary for any word on any website, right from your browser. You can even have a very special Word of the Day sent directly to your desktop every day. You'll get the story behind the story about that word including pronunciation, definition, usage and etymology, and more! It's yourDictionary.com at http://www.yourdictionary.com . Don't keep it to yourself - pass the word along.


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